Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seriyus Viral : Barbra streisand (2 video)

Pernahkah anda mendengar lagu tersebut?
kadang kala tengok kool , kadangkala dah mcm viral je autotune shat thing nie.

Klik Sini untuk dengar di Youtube

Sea More For another song

Latenight Fap : Hanie Hidayah

p/s:Well , fapping maybe make my blog sound like a jerk who like to jerk all nightlong,
but no,im not fapping in that meaning, just being a sarcastic kubis.

Hanie Hidayah
people may know her already but heneway again and again and again , im just sharing to those who still doesnt know a clues
about our own Malaysian wonder.

just keep your dirty hand away from fapping and keep it to yourself. rufl limau

hellaflush hawaii

dayummm this guys.

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